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CRYSTAL CLEAR - Concentrated glass cleaner 5L

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Deeply cleans all types of glass, without leaving streaks or residue. It evaporates quickly, leaving the glass soft with a slight hydrophobic effect. It effectively removes mineral and organic contaminants such as water stains, bird droppings, nicotine deposits and fingerprints and also provides an anti-static effect to help keep the glass perfectly clean for longer.

Dilutions and instructions for use:

- Persistent dirt, insects and grease: 1:2. Spray the glass surface and wipe immediately with a glass or waffle microfiber cloth.
- Conventional glass cleaner: 1:3 to 1:4, spray the glass surface and clean immediately with a glass microfiber or waffle type. Do not use on hot surfaces or in the sun.

Surfaces of use: Any glass surface, windshield, side windows, rear-view mirrors, glass headlights and fog lights.

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