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WHEEL WIZARD - Pure alkaline tire cleaner

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Highly concentrated alkaline tire cleaner, with a great dirt absorption capacity and cleaning power. Dissolves brake dust dirt effectively. The rim is completely clean after a single application. Low foaming capacity for more precise work and avoid leaving areas uncleaned. Suitable for cleaning the tire and wheel arches.

Dilutions and instructions for use:

Be sure to dilute the product, the optimal dilution is 1:10. Check that the tire is at room temperature, spray the product on the tire, let it act for a maximum of 1 minute and rinse with plenty of water, preferably under pressure.

- Persistent dirt: 1:5
- Moderate dirt: 1:10
- Light dirt: 1:20

Use surfaces:

Aluminum rims and their alloys, tires and wheel arches, do not use on polished, chrome-plated rims or rims with damaged enamel.

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